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OFSTED Report- April 2022

SEN (Disability) Policy

Statutory Policies Documents

Data Protection Policy 
Early Career Teacher (ECT) Induction Policy 
Early Years Policy 
Exclusion Policy 
First Aid Policy 
Health and Safety Policy 
LAC Policy 
Protection of Biometric Information Policy 
Pupils with Health Needs Attendance Policy 
Relationships and Health Education Policy 
Risk Register 
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

Subject Policies & Documents

Curriculum Policy 
Art Policy 
Computing Policy 
D.T. Policy 
English Recovery Policy 
Four Strands of Oracy 
Geography Policy 
Handwriting Policy 
History Policy 
Life Skills Policy 
Maths Policy 
Maths Policy Appendix 
Maths Calculation Policy 
Maths Recovery Curriculum Policy 
M.F.L. Policy 
Music Policy 
Oracy Policy 
PE Policy 
Phonics Policy 
P.S.H.E. Policy 
R.E.  Policy 
Reading Policy 
Reading Spine 
Relationships & Health Education Policy 
Rights Respecting School Policy 
Science Policy 
S.M.S.C. & British Values Policy 
S.E.M.H. Policy 
S.P.A.G. Policy 
Speech & Language Provision Handbook 
Writing Policy

ICT Policies

Acceptable User Policy 
Anti-virus Policy 
Backup and Recovery Policy
Data Breach Incident Policy
Data Protection Policy
Disaster Recovery Plan 

E-Safety Policy
Firewall Policy
Information Security Policy
Records Management Policy
Remote Access Policy

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