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School meals are paid for weekly on a Monday. Pupils can order their meals in class or up to 3 weeks* in advance.

If you have trouble logging in please contact the school office.

*Due to COVID meals can only be ordered 2 weeks in advance.

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Autumn 2020

Our school catering provider is 'Orian'. 


Parents can be reassured that we serve nutritionally balanced meals in schools that meet the Government’s recommendations for nutrition.

Research shows that enjoying a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal at lunchtime helps as child’s concentration in the afternoon.

It is also clear that a balanced diet in childhood can prevent health problems in the short-term and later in life.  Our menus form part of a child’s overall balanced diet and encourages healthy eating from an early age.

Parents can also be assured that there’s plenty of choice – there’s always a hot meal available alongside an alternative of a sandwich, wrap or jacket potato.

Not forgetting that important dessert, children can choose from a hot option while fruit and yogurt are always on offer too if preferred.

Parents can be comforted that if their child is enjoying a school meal then it is part of a nutritionally balanced menu and has been made from locally sourced and quality ingredients.