• Eskdale Academy

World Maths Day

23rd March was World Maths Day. Classes took part in various Maths related activities throughout the day.


We sang number songs, counted and sorted compare bears. We're currently reading Goldilocks and the three bears. We also measured bears using cubes as non-standard units.


For World Maths Day, we started off by rote counting forwards and backwards to 20. Then we introduced 20 looking at the digits, the place value of how many tens and ones and looking around the class to see 20 anywhere in the classroom. From this we watched the NCETM twenty episode and completed investigation questions:

Can you share 20 equally? Show me!

Using only 2 coloured counters, can you make 20? Show me!

Using the numicon, can you show me how many different ways you can make 20?

Children were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the investigation!

Year 1

The children found half of 2d shapes by cutting and checking the 2 halves were the same size. They found different ways to cut the shapes in half and checked which shapes we could cut in the most ways.

Then we did a challenge in pairs, checking which of the coloured shapes were coloured in half.

Year 2

We started by recapping why Maths is important and relevant in life and linked this to measure and money which we are currently covering.

I then set the class a challenge to work on in pairs - some using physical resources to support. We fed back and I modelled how I would have worked systematically to get the answer. We then did another challenge as a class to allow them to use this technique before the children did differentiated problems in pairs.

Year 3

For World Maths Day, Year 3 completed a times table code cracker which linked to our topic - Ancient Egypt. The children had to answer times table questions and then find the letter that matched that answer until they had cracked an Ancient Egyptian word or fact. The children then had a go at creating their own times table code crackers and tested them out on their partners.

Year 4

For World Maths Day, Year 4 completed a “Two Clock” challenge. In this challenge, children worked in pairs to figure out what occurred at specific times on clocks with the minute hand missing. Children then volunteered to come to the front and explain how they came to the conclusions they did. Pairs then joined another pair and continued problem-solving using clocks with the hour hand missing. Children then explained their reasoning behind their choices and even had a go at creating their own for the children in their group to solve.

Year 5

In year 5, we used trundle wheels to measure various areas of the school year (whole area, football cage, netball court, shelter and forest area). We recorded these measurements on a satellite image of the school grounds. We were then able to use previous learning to calculate the perimeter and area of the spaces available. We linked the learning to job roles and how maths might be used in different ways, within different jobs.

Year 6

We went on a hunt around school to look for evidence of maths in the wider curriculum but also in the everyday things that we see – e.g doors, reading areas etc. We found lots of things including timetables for PE, angles in art work and map work in geography. We even managed to identify maths in our democratic vote for school council leaders.