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World Book Day - Blind Date with a Book

For World Book Day, Y6 took part in a ‘Blind Date with a Book’ activity. Miss Rennie chose books that she thought we would enjoy but that we had not seen before.

First they looked at the front cover and then read the blurb before making some initial judgements. children shared these with others in the class.

They then had 20 minutes to sit and read the book – which really wasn’t enough time and they begged for more!

From this, they then had to ‘Rate our Date!’ by writing a brief review of what they had read. Miss Rennie then asked them to decide if they wanted to keep the book to read or swap – it was an easy decision for some to swap but some definitely sat on the fence and couldn’t make their minds up!

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Click the link to download a pdf https://api.edshed.com/resources/files/2196