• Eskdale Academy

Science Boffins Visit

The Science Boffins are visiting school on Wednesday 20th March for a Science day.

The aim is to engage & enthuse the children in scientific investigations.

Here is a description of each workshop the children will take part in:

Incredible Illusions

Can you trust your own eyes? Our Boffins bring incredible scientific illusions to amaze, confuse and trick your senses and see which young boffins are sharp enough to figure it out. An interesting assortment examining the fine line between magic and science.

Forensics & Crime Scene Investigation

There’s been a robbery! Lots of stuff has been stolen, there’s a red substance spattered all over the walls, and fingerprints have been left everywhere! In this crime scene investigation workshop, your pupils learn what it’s like to solve a crime, learning about spatter patterns, ink chromatography, and fingerprints. Plus pupils get their own crime scene suit and magnifying glass to take home.