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Reindeer Visits Eskdale Academy

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

A spot of festive magic arrived at a Hartlepool primary school with a visit by Father Christmas – and a real life reindeer. Every one of Eskdale Academy’s children got to meet reindeer Troy.

They got to stroke him, have their picture taken alongside him and have him ‘whisper’ in their ears. A pen was set up for eight-year-old Troy and his handler George Richardson in the academy’s sports hall. Business manager Gillian Harrison said: “We just wanted to give the children a treat because we didn’t think they would get an opportunity to see a live reindeer. “The children were delighted as were the staff. He was the most beautiful thing we have ever seen.”

The visit was the idea of headteacher Elizabeth Killeen who is always thinking of new experiences and opportunities to give to the children. Gillian added: “Classes went in one by one and each child got to feed him, interact with him and have their photographs taken. “Santa Claus was there at one point as well. Troy whispered in the children’s ear and let him kiss him if they wanted. “He was impeccably behaved.”

“The whole school got to interact with him from two-year-olds in nursery right up to 10 and 11-year-olds in Year 6. The special visit was arranged through Rent A Reindeer in Seaham which has one of the largest herds of the animals in the north of England. Read more at: https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/news/magical-reindeer-visit-delights-children-at-hartlepool-school-1-8906346


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