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Nursery - Home Learning

Here are some home learning ideas for nursery


Share stories and talk about pictures, characters and storylines. Re-tell familiar stories to your grown-ups, including the beginning, middle and ending.

Fine Motor Skills

‘Fiddly’ activities to strengthen those hand muscles and wrist movements. Explore Lego, playdough, threading string through penne pasta.


Draw or paint a picture of a rainbow in the sky – can children mix primary colours – blue red and yellow to create different colours?


Sing nursery rhymes together and do the actions. There are lots of nursery rhymes on youtube!


Try and keep active daily. You can join in with Joe Wicks live stream PE sessions on YouTube. Cosmic Kids Yoga is also a fun, calming way of staying active.


Encourage children to practise name writing and recognition daily – ensure children are holding their pencil correctly and copying each letter from their name. When ready, children can try to write their name without copying.


Practise counting forwards and backwards to 10.Can children count objects in the house e.g how many crayons do they have? Can they sort them into colours?

Ask children to find shapes in their house/garden.

Personal, social and emotional

Play games with children in which it is important to share and take turns, e.g. jigsaws, board games.