• Eskdale Academy

Letter to Parents Regarding School Opening

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I would like to begin by thanking all parents and carers for their continued support of Eskdale Academy. I know this is a challenging time for everyone but by working together as a school community we can continue to support and keep each other safe.

I am writing in relation to the phased re-entry of identified Year groups into school. As you know, schools have continued to be open for ‘key worker’ and ‘vulnerable children’ and this provision will continue. Parents and carers of children in year 6, Year 1, Reception and nursery children have been contacted this week to discuss their potential return.

Furthermore, detailed information relating to individual year group returns will be sent out prior to their groups return. This will include information relating to exact times of the day, arrangements for entry and exit to school and further guidance about ensuring we follow all government guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Prior to the more detailed information being sent out, there are some principles that underpin the school opening that will be relevant for all children who will be returning to school.

· Social distancing – within school we will be following all government guidelines relating to this. The government accepts that social distancing is not always possible in school especially with our youngest children. The ‘bubbles’ that will be created will meet all guidelines to ensure children and staff are kept safe.

· It is vitally important that children and families follow the government guidelines around social distancing outside of school. If children are to attend school, families must follow these guidelines or we may have to stop your child from attending the provision for 14 days to stop any potential spread of the virus. This is not an action the school wants to take but we have to ensure the health and safety of all other children and staff in school. Thank you for your support in this matter.

· Uniform – children can come to school in their own comfortable clothes each day. We would expect clothes to be washed after school each day.

· Children must not attend and immediately notify school if they or any family member have symptoms or have tested positive for Covid 19.

· Attendance at school is optional. There will be no fines issued relating to children not attending school.

· We will be encouraging regular hand washing, cleaning and wiping down of surfaces throughout the day and high standards of hygiene, closely following government guidelines.

· For those parents whose children are entitled to Free school meals, vouchers will continue to be issued. However, if your child will be returning to school, your child will receive a school packed lunch and therefore no vouchers will be issued.

· Staff will wear PPE when required in certain circumstances such as administering first Aid or if they feel the need to prtect themselves and their families.

· Corridors will be a one way systemto ensure we continue to promote social distancing

· If parents require to contact a member of staff, this will be done by phone so as to reduce the need for additional adults on the school premises

· Children of key workers or identified vulnerable children must ensure they notify school of their work intentions at least a week in advance. This is to ensure that the correct staffing and activities can be in place.

As a parent myself, I understand the difficulties this current situation presents and the dilemma over returning children to school. I want to reassure you that school will only open when it is safe to do so for both children and staff. This will always be carefully monitored and assessed.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. headteacher@eskdaleacademy.com

Stay safe

Kindest regards

Ms Killeen