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Childnet Film Competition 2017

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Today is stop cyber bullying day

...as part of this, we thought we would share a video with you. Some of the Year 5 pupils created a video for a Childnet film competition with the tagline 'Be the Change, it starts with us'

they wanted to dramatise someone being cyber-bullied, then have the bullies realise that it wrong and not nice.


Check out the official Stop Cyberbullying Day website for all the latest news, activities and plans, not only for the day itself – but throughout the year! Cybersmile will continue to coordinate Stop Cyberbullying Day but it was important to provide a designated space to allow it to grow and develop at its own speed!



Stop Cyberbullying Day is an internationally recognized day of awareness and activities both on and offline. Each year – every third Friday in June, Stop Cyberbullying Day brings together individuals, thought leaders, corporations, schools, governments, institutions and organizations to celebrate and promote a truly inclusive and diverse online environment – free from personal threats, harassment and abuse. We are asking everybody who cares about the future of the internet and the future of our global online community to join our growing movement for action against online bullying and abuse – while helping us to create a much safer, more inclusive online environment.


You can get involved with #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY in many ways depending on how much time you would like to give. Ways to help range from promoting the day on social media, right through to organizing fundraising events, publishing articles or becoming an Official Partner. Visit the Stop Cyberbullying Day website for further information on how you can make a difference.


Whether you decide to use the hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY on the day itself to raise awareness online or choose to become an ‘Official Stop Cyberbullying Day Partner’, your support makes a tremendous difference to millions of lives. Working in partnership with The Cybersmile Foundation on Stop Cyberbullying Day, your activism will provide a long-lasting positive impact where you can demonstrate to your customers, staff, students and friends that you are committed to an inclusive, diverse and safe internet. Thanks to the support of the public and some incredible corporate partners, we have been able to change and save lives, incorporate safety features into new technology and remind the world how it feels to be nice! However, we have only scratched the surface – with your involvement, we can facilitate even more positive change in the world. Explore the suggestions below for more information about Stop Cyberbullying Day and the various ways you can get involved.

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