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All parents see the education of their children as one of the most important parts of their lives and here, at Eskdale Academy, we feel exactly the same.


At Eskdale Academy we aspire to have an educational community that:


Ensures all learners are inspired and motivated to learn, improve and achieve success through opportunity, praise and choice.


Build positive relationships through empathy, honesty, trust, respect and genuine care for each other.


Promote a sense of security, ownership, pride and responsibility. Works together through positive community partnerships.


We believe that our aims and values can be most effectively fulfilled through a close partnership between home and school and we hope that the website will give you an insight into our school community. We value our open, friendly environment. Eskdale Academy is a ‘Good’ school, of which we are all very proud. The staff and governors are a committed, enthusiastic team which is continually developing and improving the education we offer children.


We welcome comments and ideas from pupils and parents/carers on all aspects of school life. We want every child’s time at our school to be happy, exciting and educational. We believe that learning should be fun and that by encouraging respect for each other and valuing the opportunities available, we all grow and learn together.


Ms. E. Killeen




In the Eskdale Academy community the way we live and work together shows everybody the values we believe in.


·Team Work


All who work within Eskdale Academy subscribe to the following five guiding principles, and work to ensure their implementation:


We provide a stimulating, dynamic and supportive environment which motivates all to have high aspirations and expectations of themselves and of others.


We provide a caring community where all are valued and respected.


We provide high quality teaching which, in partnership with parents, Governors and the wider community, enables all children to achieve their full potential as well-rounded citizens of the future.


We ensure that equal opportunities and equal access are at the heart of all aspects of the school.


We ensure that children, parents and Governors are informed participants in the learning process and that each successful step in that process is celebrated.


School Nursing Team

"Happy, welcoming, stimulating, warm & friendly. A great place to learn"