James Dyson

Alexander Graham Bell

Isaac Newton

Tim Berners-Lee

We have a system of house competitions and events at Eskdale Academy for our four houses; Dyson, Graham-Bell, Newton & Berners-Lee (named after famous inventors) we have launched our rewards system with a particular focus on the House Points System.


We now have a House Point Board and 'collection boxes' where, each Friday in our celebration assembly, pupils receive house point tokens which can be dropped straight into these collection boxes.  Points are awarded by staff for hard work in class, good manners, kindness to fellow pupils and generally following fair rules amongst other things.

Tokens are placed into the collection boxes as follows:

4th place – 1 token

3rd place – 2 tokens

2nd place – 3 tokens

1st place – 4 tokens

Star of the week winners for that particular week also place a star token into their respective teams box, which amounts to a bonus of 5 points for that week.

There are four house captains which are chosen from the Year 6 class. At the end of each week, the winning house is announced in assembly and a cup is presented to the House Captain.

At the end of each term, the overall winners are presented with the termly cup and all the children in the winning house receive a treat.  

Each term, new House Captains are selected from Year 6, and their responsibilities include selling raffle tickets, helping to organise House charity initiatives and rallying around to create a sense of House camaraderie.  

At Eskdale Academy, we endeavour to create a positive atmosphere in which children feel safe, happy and secure and can take full advantage of the opportunities for learning. We also encourage children to develop their self-discipline and self-esteem as they grow within our school community.

  • to enable children to understand their responsibilities in managing their own behaviour in respect of their attitudes to learning; their relationships with adults and other children; and care for their own property and the property of others;


  • to encourage children to participate in establishing expectations of positive behaviour during lessons and around the school and to fulfil these expectations;


  • to encourage children to discuss aspects of their own behaviour and that of others; to recognise and comment constructively on positive behaviour and suggest ways that they might improve their own or the behaviour of others;


  • to enable children to understand the system of rewards and consequences within the school

Emphasis is placed on the rewards the children get from taking pride in their achievements, the sharing and recognition of good work, teamwork, positive attitude and positive behaviour.

The whole school reward system will be based on a house point system. The four houses are:

James Dyson

Alexander Graham Bell

Isaac Newton

Tim Berners-Lee



Leadership are heads of the 4 houses and staff are also placed into house teams to emphasise teamwork.

  • Children will be allocated a House when they join the school. Each house will also have members of teaching staff allocated to it.

  • Each class will display a House Point Chart for each of the four houses.

  • There will be a tally system for recording house points against each inventor’s/houses name

  • These charts will also display a list of the names of the children in each house.

  • Individual teachers can decide how they want to record house points. This may happen as a house point is awarded, or at set times during the day. House points may be recorded in workbooks and it is important that children are given the opportunity to see this reward and add it to their own tally with a coloured sticker in their books.

  • The normal house point award should be 1 point

  • Children can be awarded points for academic achievement, good citizenship, good effort and good behaviour, star of the week, golden book etc.

  • Each Friday morning, a member of staff will collect the House Points earned from each class. They will calculate the total house points for each team to be announced in Celebration Assembly each Friday morning.

  • Once the points are collected, the tally boards can be wiped clean and started again for the following week.

  • On Friday mornings, the Head teacher will announce the total house points for each team that week. This will be added to the existing total, and the new total will be displayed on the House Point display.

  • At the end of each Half term, the house with the most house points will have their colour ribbons tied onto the cup which will be displayed in the school.

  • All our systems are to encourage children to talk about the positive features of their own work and behaviour and that of others.

Below is an example of what pupils could be awarded points for, as you will see some have a higher weighting than others and are therefore more valuable and harder to be awarded. 

Golden book - 10

Head teacher award - 10

Star of the week - 5

Contribution to an event - 5

Positive community ethos - 5

Excellent attendance - 5

Excellent punctuality - 5

Excellent manners - 5

Sharing - 3

Creativity - 3

Perseverance - 3

Self-motivation - 3

Target met - 3

Sustained improvement - 3

Leading discussions - 3

Positive role model - 3

Excellent participation - 1

Excellent classwork - 1

Kindness - 1

Contribution to class - 1-3


These awards are given by teachers and school staff when it is felt by them that they are deserving. Pupils should remember though that you are not simply rewarded for doing as we would expect of you, this is when you are going beyond.

Each sports day, each race/event place will be awarded house points according to the children’s house as follows:


4th place – 1 point

3rd place – 2 points

2nd place – 3 points

1st place – 4 points

These points will be tallied up, and at the end of all of the sports days we will have a winning house.

The house point’s sports cup will be adorned with ribbons sporting the winning house colour and will be placed in our sports trophy cabinet until the next sports day.


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