When designing our new curriculum, we decided to follow a structure of Intent (What we hope to do and why we want to do it), Implementation (How we are going to do it) and Impact (The outcomes we hope to achieve).

We also looked at the pedagogy behind our teaching at Eskdale and how knowledge and skills are imparted in our school.


This fed into looking at cultural capital across our curriculum to ensure our children could celebrate and embrace the different backgrounds, heritage, language and traditions of our country.

OFSTED Report 2018

Eskdale demonstrates a joint vision for excellence from both the headteacher and CEO of the Trust – ‘A no excuses and no limits’ culture.  This has resulted in high expectations of all pupils, regardless of their previous starting points or individual circumstances.  You refuse to accept that any barriers or challenges faced by pupils will affect their education. Consequently, all groups of pupils have confidence in themselves as learners and, ultimately they achieve well from their individual starting points.


When designing our curriculum we took a number of key factors into consideration; we called these non-negotiables, that provided the foundation for our curriculum.

They include ensuring that the curriculum:

  • Has the needs of the children at the heart of everything we do

  • Is based on a strong foundation of oracy

  • Meets the needs of our local community

  • Is full of exciting, enriching and enjoyable learning experiences

  • Provides opportunities for our children, staff and parents to all learn together

  • Positively improves academic outcomes

  • Prepares our children to become positive role models in and effective contributors to Society

  • Gives our pupils the chance to become the very best versions of themselves

  • Prepares children for life long learning

  • Preparing numerate and literate learners


Or in short, a curriculum which provides only the very best education, opportunities and experiences for all of our pupils.




Our Vision, Values and Aims were created in collaboration with learners, staff, parents and partners during a School and Trust Visioning day in September 2018.

As a School Community, we reflect regularly on what they mean and how we can apply our Vision, Values and Aims to our daily life in order to be the very best we can be.

At Eskdale Academy, we view our setting as a ‘Learning Community’ – a place where children, professionals, adults and families learn together.  With this in mind, our vision statement is…


At Eskdale Academy, we believe 'Only the best is good enough! - A learning community with no excuses and no limits to what we can all achieve.


This is underpinned by a series of core values; which are reflected in the curriculum we deliver:

  • Respect

  • Tolerance

  • Responsibility

  • Honesty

  • Ambition

  • Caring for others

  • Team work


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